Wall Shelves

You can build your wall shelves to suite a variety of purposes.  A wall shelf can go in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and more.  They can be practical and store things like books or exist for decoration to show off things like flowers.  Wall shelves vary in sizes and shapes as well.  There are small, medium, and even ones that take up entire walls.  So before building one, let’s go over the different types and styles you have to pick from.

Bedroom wall shelves are just that, something you put in your room.  They’re usually pretty small in size, usually consisting of one to three shelves total.  Many people build these to display such things as trophies, family pictures, or items that tie a room together.  They’re usually made out of wood, and can vary greatly in design.  Often times they’re more than just one board hanging on the wall, but a series of boards in elaborately designed shapes.

Simple wall shelves are common because of cost.  Typically consisting of straight boards to make up the shelf, there is no artistic design or patterns that these form.  They’re pretty plain looking, but done right can still look great.  They’re also usually made out of wood, or sometimes metal depending on your uses.  If you’re hanging the shelves in a workshop or garage, metal might be the better option.  For bedrooms and offices, wood or even glass tends to look a lot nicer.

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A full wall shelf is a beautiful way to increase the value of your home.  These usually take up entire walls, and come in a variety of different designs.  A common thing to put on this shelf type is books and magazines, sometimes even filling the entire wall with books.  You can even build one that you can put your TV on which acts as an entertainment center, as well as something to display your precious belongings.  Shelf widths and heights will vary to fit different objects, often giving off a zigzag appearance.

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Whatever your uses, wall shelves can serve many purposes.  They’re a great way to make your home both more modern, and even classic.  They can store thousands of books, or showcase things that accentuate the room better.  They can be made out of wood, metal, or glass, and come in hundreds of different shapes sizes and colors.  One thing is sure, learning how to build your own wall shelf is both cheaper, and allows a lot more customization than store bought kits.
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