Learning how to build shelves is a great way to both improve the looks of your home, as well as organize your belongings. Whether you’re building garage shelves for better organization, or floating shelves for showcasing your favorite items, a do it yourself project is always cheaper and more satisfying. Building them yourself allows for maximum customization of the design, color, and quality, while also minimizing the price tag. Shelves come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be a great way to tie a room together. You can choose from classical, modern, and contemporary designs which can be made out of wood, metal, or even plastic.

Garage shelves

Garage shelves are typically used for storage of many things, often large, heavier items. One of the main focuses of this shelf type is durability and stability. For this reason, building your own is a huge advantage. Premade shelving units will never be as strong or durable as one that you build yourself. Typically made out of metal or wire for easy assembling, premade kits can rust or bend with time. Building your own gives you the options to change the shelf height, include as many shelves as you want, and to re-enforce the strength of the unit. Typically these types of shelves are cheap to build, typically only requiring 2x4s and plywood.

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Floating shelves

Floating shelves, like corners are less for storage and more for decoration. They’re for displaying things like candles, awards, and pictures. Since they’re screwed directly on to the wall with no brackets, they have a floating¬†appearance which looks neat and uncluttered. ¬†These are some of the easiest and cheapest shelving units to install. Requiring less than $20 of lumber, they’re a great little addition for any home.

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Closet shelves

Closet shelves are for pure organization. If you build your own, they’re probably going to be made out of wood, while premade kits will be made out of wire. I don’t really like the wire shelves that you buy from the store for a few reasons. For one, you can’t store little items on them as they fall through the cracks. If you’re storing heavy items on them, the wires tend to bend and warp over time. They’re also prone to rusting if exposed to moisture over long periods of time. Wooden closet shelves that you build on your own are extremely easy and cheap to manufacture. Using ledgers, you can also make them durable and sturdy enough to support hundreds of pounds.
Garage Shelves

Corner shelves

Corner shelves aren’t normally used for storage. Their goal is to look good, while displaying objects that tie the room together. A common use for them is displaying vases that match other furniture in the room, or showing off your favorite china. Corner shelves come in all different shapes and sizes, from zigzag patterns to floor stands. These are some of the most inexpensive ones to build, requiring very little lumber to assemble. This is something even an inexperienced craftsman should be able to build with ease.